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 QuarterItemCourse IDCourse TitleCreditsDaysStart & End TimeInstructorOpen Seats
Fall 171000ACCT 105Introduction to Accounting5.0MTWTh9:15AM 10:20AMMICHIE L30
Fall 171060ACCT 262Introduction to Quickbooks2.0MTWTh11:45AM 12:35PMWILKS P7
Fall 171011ACCT&201Prin of Accounting I5.0MTWTh10:30AM 11:35AMMICHIE L13
Fall 171012ACCT&201Prin of Accounting I5.0ARRANGED WILKS P19
Fall 171115AGR 101Orientation to Agricultural Industries & Careers2.0W10:30AM 12:30PMKOSA13
Fall 171118AGR 241Farm and Ranch Management5.0T9:15AM 10:20AMSTAFF18
Fall 171130AGR 261Plant Science5.0M10:30AM 12:30PMBAIR N9
Fall 171548AMT 148AMT General Electricity7.0MTWTh DANNENBERG K24
Fall 171554AMT 149AMT Airframe Electricity3.0ARRANGED BORG C21
Fall 171558AMT 150AMT General12.0MTWTh DANNENBERG K24
Fall 171563AMT 151Airframe Mechanic I22.0MTWTh BORG C21
Fall 171568AMT 152Airframe Mechanic II21.0MTWTh BORG C19
Fall 171573AMT 153Airframe Mechanic III24.0MTWTh BORG C21
Fall 171578AMT 249AMT Powerplant Electricity2.0ARRANGED MOORE D17
Fall 171583AMT 251Powerplant Mechanics I16.0MTWTh MOORE D20
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