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 QuarterItemCourse IDCourse TitleCreditsDaysStart & End TimeInstructorOpen Seats
Spring 171001ACCT 105Introduction to Accounting5.0MTWTh5:00PM 6:05PMAUVIL J18
Spring 171036ACCT 233Introduction to Payroll Taxes2.0MW2:15PM 3:20PMMICHIE L0
Spring 171050ACCT 260Computer Accounting3.0TTh2:15PM 4:15PMMICHIE L8
Spring 171016ACCT&202Prin of Accounting II5.0MTWTh9:15AM 10:20AMMICHIE L17
Spring 171020ACCT&203Prin of Accounting III5.0MTWTh10:30AM 11:35AMMICHIE L8
Spring 171113AGR 212Ag Safety and Pesticides5.0MW1:30PM 2:35PMGREENWALT7
Spring 171142AGR 271Agriculture Sales and Marketing5.0ARRANGED SIEVERKROPP-3
Spring 171558AMT 150AMT General16.0MTWTh DANNENBERG K6
Spring 171565AMT 151Airframe Mechanic I22.0MTWTh BORG C9
Spring 171570AMT 152Airframe Mechanic II21.0MTWTh BORG C9
Spring 171575AMT 153Airframe Mechanic III24.0MTWTh BORG C9
Spring 171578AMT 249AMT Powerplant Electricity2.0ARRANGED MOORE D22
Spring 171585AMT 251Powerplant Mechanics I16.0MTWTh MOORE D25
Spring 171590AMT 252Powerplant Mechanics II14.0MTWTh MOORE D20
Spring 171595AMT 253Powerplant Mechanics III16.0MTWTh MOORE D17
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